Selected Publications of Kaoru Kurosawa (2000)

  • K.Kurosawa, F.Sato, T.Sakata and W.Kishimoto
    ``A relatiohship between linear complexity and k-error linear complexity'',
    IEEE Trans. on IT, 46, [2], 694 - 698 (2000)

  • K.Okada and K.Kurosawa
    ``MDS secret sharing scheme secure against cheaters'',
    IEEE Trans. on IT, 46, [3], 1078 - 1081 (2000)

  • S.Obana and K.Kurosawa
    ``Combinatorial classification of optimal authentication codes with arbitration'',
    Designs, Codes and Cryptography, vol.20, no.3, pp.281--305 (2000)

  • S.Obana and K.Kurosawa
    ``Bounds and combinatorial structure of (k,n) multi-receiver A-codes'',
    Designs, Codes and Cryptography (accepted)

  • K.Kurosawa and S.Obana
    ``Combinatorial bounds of authentication codes with arbitration'',
    Designs, Codes and Cryptography (accepted)

  • T.Iwata and K.Kurosawa
    ``On the pseudorandomness of AES finalists'',
    Preproc. of Fast Software Encryption workshop 2000, (2000, New York)

  • Y.Desmedt and K.Kurosawa
    ``How to break a practical MIX and design a new one'',
    Proc. of EUROCRYPT '2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1807, pp.557-572 (2000, Bruges)

  • K.Kurosawa, T.Yoshida and Y.Desmedt
    ``Inhrently large traceability of broadcast encryption scheme'',
    Proc. of IEEE ISIT'2000, page 464 (2000, Sorrento)

  • K.Kurosawa, T.Iwata and V.D.Quang
    ``Root Finding Interpolation Attack'',
    SAC'2000 (Selected Areas of Cryptography, accepted)

  • W.Ogata and K.Kurosawa:
    "Provably Secure Metering Scheme",
    Asiacrypt'2000 (accepted).

  • M.Mitomo and K.Kurosawa:
    "Attack for Flash MIX",
    Asiacrypt'2000 (accepted).

  • F.Sato and K.Kurosawa:
    "On the Randomness of Chambers and Gollmann Keystream Generator",
    IEICE, Trans. (accepted)

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